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2 out of 10 married men cheat on their spouses – GSS


The 2022 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey has revealed that two in every ten married Ghanaian men have skipped the marital bed for some extramarital frolicking.

The Survey highlights various aspects of intimate relationships, shedding light on the complexities within them.

The findings indicate that a significant portion of married Ghanaian men, approximately 17.5%, engage in extramarital relationships, either with multiple partners or individuals outside their marital union. This unveils a nuanced perspective on the dynamics of matrimony in the Ghanaian context.

Furthermore, the survey explores the experiences of divorced/separated/widowed men, revealing that 18.7% of them maintain two or more partners, and a substantial 69.9% have engaged in sexual relations with individuals beyond their former spouses or cohabitants.

In the realm of youth relationships, the data suggests that about 10% of men aged 15-24 are involved with two or more partners, and 35.2% have engaged in sexual activities outside of committed relationships. This aspect of the survey delves into the romantic behaviors of the younger demographic, offering a glimpse into their attitudes toward monogamy and commitment.

On a related note, the report unveils a concerning trend among females aged 15-24, with approximately 80% engaging in sexual activities without the use of condoms. Despite a high awareness (79%) of the role condoms play in reducing the risk of HIV transmission, the consistent use of protection seems to be lacking.

This poses public health challenges, considering that females constitute a significant majority of new HIV infections in Ghana, as reported by the Ghana AIDS Commission in 2022.


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