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Abolish Death Penalty – Xavier Sosu  


Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu, a Member of Parliament representing the Madina Constituency in Ghana, is calling for a reassessment of the death penalty in the country.

Sosu contends that the death penalty, specifically imposed for high treason, warrants reconsideration and should be replaced with life imprisonment.

While Ghana has made strides in abolishing the death penalty for ordinary crimes, the recent imposition of the death penalty on six individuals convicted of high treason has prompted Sosu to raise questions about the country’s stance on capital punishment.

Sosu acknowledges the progress made in amending the criminal offenses act in 2023, removing capital punishment for various crimes.

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However, he highlights the retention of the death penalty for high treason in the constitution, emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive abolition of capital punishment.

The MP advocates for a careful review of constitutional provisions related to the death penalty, particularly in cases of high treason, expressing concerns about the potential misuse of such measures for political purposes.

Sosu’s call for reassessment aligns with the ongoing global conversation surrounding the ethical and legal implications of capital punishment, urging a nuanced approach to justice and human rights.


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