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African Leaders Don’t Place Value on Human Life- Sam Adeyemi


In a compelling address at the 2024 Jospong Leadership Conference, Pastor Dr. Sam Adeyemi, CEO of Global Leadership Consulting and founder of Daystar Christian Centre-Nigeria, has called upon African leaders to place a higher value on human life, emphasizing that this shift is pivotal for the continent’s advancement.

Speaking on the theme “Inclusive Leadership” at the conference held on January 15, 2024, at the Pentecost Convention Centre in Gomoah Fetteh, Dr. Adeyemi highlighted that Africa’s challenges do not primarily stem from financial constraints but rather from leaders neglecting to recognize the inherent value in every African life.

“Africa’s problem is not finance; Africa is where it is because most leaders do not place enough value on human life,” lamented Dr. Adeyemi.

He stressed that when leaders prioritize the well-being of African citizens and implement policies that benefit everyone, irrespective of background or status, true progress can be achieved.

The influential pastor urged leaders to love without discrimination, asserting that “Africa’s problem is not money but lack of love.” According to him, inclusive leadership, rooted in love, is essential for fostering solid relationships between leaders and followers, thereby driving positive business outcomes.

Dr. Adeyemi, acknowledging the divisiveness within the continent, urged African leaders to treat every individual with dignity, emphasizing the need to overcome barriers hindering innovation and development.

Discussing the characteristics of effective leadership, he noted the importance of leaders admitting their weaknesses. “Leaders are not perfect, and admitting mistakes builds trust in the followers,” he emphasized.

Commending the Jospong Group for organizing a leadership conference for its staff, Dr. Adeyemi described the initiative as “absolutely phenomenal,” underscoring the significance of such endeavors within African institutions.

In addition to Dr. Adeyemi’s address, Mr. Edward Ato Sarpong, a business and leadership consultant, presented five enablers for driving change in society. Advocating for an environment conducive to positive change, he stressed that organizations must encourage bottom-up contributions and not rely solely on top-down directives.

The 11th edition of the Jospong Leadership Conference drew participants from the Jospong Group of Companies, with the theme “Driving Business Excellence through Innovation, Sustainability, and Empowerment,” emphasizing the pivotal role of innovation in achieving the Group’s vision as a leading business in Africa.

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