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Afua Asantewaa pays GWR for a faster review of her sing-a-thon


Afua Asantewaa Aduonum, the organizer behind the Ghanaian sing-a-thon, shared insights into the event, highlighting a strategic investment made by her team.

To expedite the review process for their event, they opted for a priority review, a decision that incurred a cost of $750. This choice significantly reduces the standard review period of 12 weeks to a more efficient timeframe of 1-5 days.

Explaining the rationale behind this decision, Afua Asantewaa Aduonum stated, “Because of the popularity of the event, they requested our files. After two weeks of waiting, we opted for a priority review. The usual review takes not less or more than 12 weeks. However, if you desire a quicker process, you can make a payment, and they will review your file within five working days. Officially, it’s $650, but with transaction fees, we ended up paying approximately $750.”

Afua Asantewaa’s sing-a-thon successfully united Ghanaians during the Christmas season, contributing to the increased popularity of Ghanaian music.

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