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Baby Mama Ashabi Speaks on Portable Multiple Relationships


In a recent interview on the Talk To B show, Ashabi Simple, the 4th baby mama of singer Portable, shared insights into her feelings about the singer’s multiple relationships. The show’s anchor delved into the topic, questioning Ashabi about her emotions and coping mechanisms in the face of Portable’s involvement with several women.

Ashabi, undeterred by the complexities of Portable’s romantic life, expressed a perspective of acceptance. She stated that when Portable is in her house, she sees him as her husband, not dwelling on the presence of other women in his life. It appears that she has adopted a pragmatic approach, choosing to focus on the bond they share within their home.

When the anchor raised concerns about the potential health risks associated with multiple relationships, Ashabi responded with unwavering faith. She declared that she trusts in God to protect her husband from any diseases or infections, showcasing a deep reliance on divine intervention.

Reactions to Ashabi’s comments varied, with some expressing the need for better parental guidance in raising children. Others highlighted the significance of financial status in attracting individuals, emphasizing the role of prosperity in relationships.


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