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Blaze Engulfs Commercial Vehicle on Lapaz-Tema Highway


On the afternoon of Saturday, February 3, 2024, a commercial vehicle met a fiery demise on the Lapaz-Tema highway, near Tema station at Lapaz, engulfed in flames during broad daylight.

There were no reported casualties before the swift arrival of the fire service.

Elizabeth, a trader, shared her observations, noting, “Today, upon arriving at work, I noticed my co-traders were absent. Assuming they might be in town like me, I proceeded to arrange my items for sale. Suddenly, a parked car in front of me caught my attention as smoke billowed from it. Despite attempts by the driver and bystanders using sand and water, the situation escalated, prompting me to urgently seek assistance.”

A group of young individuals gathered to help contain the fire before Fire Service personnel arrived to fully extinguish the flames.

Akosua Tenewaa, another witness, recounted, “I was at Tema station to send items to my son at Ada Sege when I noticed a car on fire. Initially, they tried dousing the flames with pure water and later resorted to sand. Before the fire service arrived, the car had succumbed to the fire.”

“Fortunately, nobody was inside the car except the driver and the mate. No injuries occurred, and everyone stood by until the driver arrived.”

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