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Boyfriend demands all expenses from girlfriend


In a recent live radio session on SOMPA, a level 300 university student opened up about the complexities of his past relationship, shedding light on the challenges he faced. The young man, employed at Vodafone GH Adum branch, shared his journey of love, generosity, and, ultimately, what he perceives as exploitation.

During the radio program, the student detailed the course of his relationship with a fellow Vodafone employee, describing how they initially met at their workplace and embarked on a romantic journey. As the relationship progressed, he spoke about the financial demands that emerged, including providing financial support to the young woman’s unemployed father and fulfilling various material requests.

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The student expressed his commitment to the relationship by going above and beyond, providing a daily allowance of Ghc 45 for an extended period. However, he reached a breaking point when, after significant financial and material assistance, his ex-girlfriend declared her disinterest in continuing the relationship.

Feeling a sense of betrayal, the young man decided to share his story on live radio, seeking understanding and, notably, the repayment of over Ghc 2000 that he claims to have spent during the course of their relationship.


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