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Brazil’s Supreme Court Orders Ex-President Bolsonaro to Surrender Passport Amidst Coup Investigation


Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court (STF) issued a mandate on Thursday, directing former President Jair Bolsonaro to surrender his passport to judicial authorities as part of an investigation into his alleged involvement in an attempted coup.

Bolsonaro has been given 24 hours to comply with the order, which stems from a violent assault on Brazil’s capital on January 8, 2023, shortly after Bolsonaro lost the reelection.

The court’s decision is a component of Operation Tempus Veritatis (Hour of Truth), initiated by the Federal Police on Thursday.

The operation is focused on high-profile officials associated with Bolsonaro, including military officers. Local media reports indicate that the operation involves 33 arrest warrants and four preventive detention orders.

The launch of Operation Tempus Veritatis follows a cooperation agreement signed between the Federal Police and Bolsonaro’s former personal secretary, Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid.

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