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Coal Pots to Blame for Market Fires – Fire Service


The Yilo Krobo Municipal Command of the Ghana National Fire Service has identified ‘coal pots’ as a major contributing factor to the frequent market fires in Somanya.

During an educational session for market women, firefighting officials pointed out the use of coal pots and charcoal stoves as significant causes of market-related fire incidents, particularly concerning during the harmattan season and dry weather conditions.

Divisional Officer Grade III (DOIII) Abubakar Musah, the Municipal Commander, emphasized the need for heightened awareness about fire safety measures and preventive strategies. He highlighted the dry atmosphere during the harmattan season, expressing concerns that any fire-related activity could escalate into a more substantial disaster.

The fire service officials strongly discouraged the use of coal pots for cooking within the market area, citing their association with frequent fire incidents. DOIII Musah called for regulatory measures to identify and regulate traders, including food vendors, to ensure proper cooking practices and standards.

As part of their routine inspections, the GNFS advised against unauthorized electricity connections and recommended using PVC pipes as insulators to prevent fire outbreaks. The educational session aimed to empower market women with knowledge about fire safety and to reduce the risk of market-related fire incidents.

Market participants welcomed the initiative, expressing the importance of ongoing education throughout the year. The firefighters’ focus on ‘coal pots’ sheds light on a specific aspect contributing to the market fires, urging stakeholders to collaborate in implementing preventive measures and ensuring a safer market environment.

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