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Controversy Surrounds Ayra Star’s Greeting at Afrozons Pre-Grammy Party


Rising music sensation Ayra Star found herself in the midst of controversy at the Afrozons Pre-Grammy party in Lagos. A video capturing the moment showed Ayra Star extending her hand for a handshake instead of adhering to the traditional act of kneeling to greet Nigerian music legend King Sunny Ade (KSA).

This departure from cultural norms, especially given Ayra Star’s Yoruba background, led to widespread criticism from fans.

Expressing disappointment, fans called for Ayra Star to be cautioned and urged her to apologize for what they perceived as a lack of respect towards the highly revered KSA. Actor Adeniyi Johnson weighed in, emphasizing the importance of recognizing legends like KSA, even for artists who claim market influence.

Social media discussions highlighted the contrast between Ayra Star’s greeting and the customary prostrations made by established artists like Wizkid and Davido when encountering music legends at similar events. Calls for condemnation and a formal apology gained momentum, with fans expressing a collective sentiment that Ayra Star’s actions were unacceptable.

The incident has sparked a larger debate on the intersection of modern values and traditional customs, with critics arguing that such acts erode the essence of cultural respect. As the controversy unfolds, the music industry and fans eagerly await Ayra Star’s response to see if she addresses the criticism, offers an apology, or stands by her unconventional greeting of the legendary King Sunny Ade.

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