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Convicted Coup Plotters To Appeal as Court Hands Down Death Sentences


Victor Adawudu, the lawyer representing the convicted coup plotters, has announced their intention to appeal the High Court ruling that found six individuals guilty of conspiracy to commit high treason and committing high treason.

The verdict, delivered on Wednesday, January 24, sentenced Donya Kafui, aka Ezor, and Bright Alan Debrah Ofosu to death by hanging, along with Johannes Zikpi. The trio, including three soldiers, were convicted of conspiracy to commit treason and treason. Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner of Police Benjamin Agordzo, Colonel Samuel Kodzo Gameli, and Corporal Seidu Abubakar were acquitted.

Adawudu expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling, stating, “I believe that the evidence we have put before the court is not being looked at critically, and I think that it is a process, and we will also be going to the Supreme Court for it to also look at the evidence.”

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He emphasized the need for a thorough examination of the presented evidence, expressing confidence that the Supreme Court would provide a fair review. Adawudu pointed out discrepancies in the case, such as the absence of an inventory detailing the time of arrest, raising questions about the connection between the accused individuals and the alleged weapons.

“We will see what we will do,” Adawudu concluded, hinting at the legal battle that lies ahead as the defence team seeks a more comprehensive evaluation of the case.

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