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Davido displays career milestones


Davido shared a post outlining some of his significant accomplishments, emphasizing that critics had once claimed he would never be nominated for a Grammy. He proudly proved them wrong by earning a Grammy nomination.

Additionally, the singer highlighted his breakthrough into the prestigious Billboard Hot 100, a feat that critics had deemed unattainable for him. Davido also secured a UK certification, surpassing the expectations of those who doubted his international impact.

Attributing these achievements to the grace of God, Davido’s post on Instagram reads:

“‘He’d never be Grammy-nominated.’ He proved them wrong.

‘No Billboard Hot 100 entry.’ He achieved it. ‘No UK certification.’ He secured it. ‘100 million on Spotify.’ He exceeded it.

They never learn. Davido isn’t one to be dared. He’ll relegate your fave and lock up the city.

Don’t play with God…”

This post not only serves as a testament to Davido’s resilience and talent but also underscores the importance of faith and perseverance in the face of skepticism.

Davido play God hurdles

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