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DJ Cuppy Opens Up About Fashion and Personal Style


Nigerian artist DJ Cuppy recently shared candid insights into her personal style and fashion choices, revealing that she doesn’t prioritize dressing elegantly or following glamorous trends, unlike her sister.

In a candid discussion, DJ Cuppy confessed that she feels she lacks her sister’s genes and fashion sense, which often leads to her being voted as the worst dressed person in Nigeria annually. Despite being only three years apart from her sister, Temi, DJ Cuppy emphasized their distinct differences in style and appearance.

“I genuinely don’t have her genes or her fashion sense,” DJ Cuppy admitted, acknowledging the perceptions of people who observe them. “People look at us, they’re like there’s no way we are related.”

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DJ Cuppy expressed her disinterest in fashion, glam, and cosmetics, stating that she doesn’t enjoy wearing makeup or fixing her lashes. She described the process of glam as the worst aspect of her job, mentioning that her team often has to persuade her to embrace glamorous looks for TV appearances or events.

“The worst thing about my job, I always say, is glam. My team has to beg me,” she remarked. “You’ll see me on TV looking really good and then you’ll just see me in the club looking like ‘oh my God’. I don’t even like wearing makeup, I can’t even lie, I never wear lashes, I don’t do my nails.”

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DJ Cuppy’s candid revelations shed light on her unique perspective on fashion and personal style, showcasing her authenticity and individuality amidst the pressures of the entertainment industry.

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