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Don’t Compare Burna Boy To Wizkid or Davido But To Michael Jackson


In a controversial podcast video, a host has stirred debates by claiming that Burna Boy should not be compared to his Nigerian peers, Wizkid and Davido, but should instead be placed on par with the legendary Michael Jackson.

The host argued that Burna Boy’s exceptional talent and unique musical journey set him apart from the widely recognized “big three” in Nigerian music, namely Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy himself.

The controversy originated from Burna Boy’s own declaration during a previous performance, where he distanced himself from the “big three,” emphasizing that there were only the “big two” (referring to Davido and Wizkid) and asserting that he stands in his own league.

The podcast host supported Burna Boy’s claim, suggesting that Burna Boy’s musical journey had surpassed that of Wizkid and Davido. He urged the public to recognize Burna Boy’s unique contributions to the industry and avoid lumping him together with his peers.

Adding to the debate, a Nigerian man in the podcast argued that Burna Boy only gained widespread recognition around 2020. He asserted that prior to Burna Boy’s rise to fame, the music scene was dominated by Davido and Wizkid, implying that they would continue to remain at the top.

The podcast has ignited discussions about the hierarchy in Nigerian music and whether Burna Boy’s talent and impact warrant comparisons to global icons like Michael Jackson. The ongoing debate reflects the diverse opinions within the music industry and among fans.


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