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Ebony Was At the Singa-thon – Afua Asantewaa



Afua Asantewaa has stirred social media discussions with revelations surrounding a mysterious incident during a singing marathon featuring the late Ebony Reigns.

In an exclusive interview on Kingdome FM, Afua shared a distinctive experience where she felt the presence of the late musician while performing Ebony Reigns’ songs within a glass booth.

Recounting a specific moment during the interview, Afua detailed an unusual occurrence when a closed door in the glass booth, usually kept shut for visitors, unexpectedly swung open as she sang one of Ebony’s songs, adding an intriguing layer to her connection with the late artist’s music.

“The door opened on its own during the time I was singing Ebony’s song, and that’s when I felt Ebony’s presence.”

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