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EC to meet political parties over election date change


The Electoral Commission (EC) is set to convene with political parties at the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting on Monday, January 29, to further discuss the proposed change in the date for general elections. The EC has suggested moving the date for both Presidential and Parliamentary elections from December 7 to November 7.

The proposal has sparked a robust debate, with the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) expressing its opposition, citing concerns about the timeline for organizing a seamless election. The NDC argues that the proposed date change doesn’t provide the EC with sufficient time to ensure a well-executed and issue-free poll.

On the other hand, sources within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) indicate that the party’s leadership is still deliberating on the matter and has not yet reached a decision.

In a notable shift, the National Democratic Congress has rescinded its previous decision to boycott IPAC meetings. The decision to boycott in 2021 was grounded in the party’s dissatisfaction with what it deemed as the EC’s biased conduct in favor of the New Patriotic Party during the 2020 general elections.

The IPAC meetings serve as a platform for political parties to review election-related activities, express grievances, and contribute constructive inputs. The meetings also function as an advisory body to the Electoral Commission.

As the IPAC meeting unfolds, stakeholders anticipate a thorough discussion on the proposed election date change, with various parties presenting their perspectives and concerns. The outcome of these deliberations will significantly impact the electoral landscape, shaping the timeline for future general elections in Ghana.

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