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ECG Denies Dumsor is Back In Ghana


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has dismissed public concerns over recent power outages, asserting that the current situation does not signify a return of the infamous ‘dumsor’ era experienced in the country some years ago.

In a notice released on Sunday, the ECG acknowledged the intermittent power supply in certain areas and emphasized their commitment to resolving the issues. The statement clarified, “While there is NO DUMSOR, we are still working to enhance the stability of the power supply.”

Attributing the recent disruptions to local faults, the company urged affected customers to contact their call centers for assistance.

“If you are experiencing any power disruptions, it is a local fault, please reach out to our call centre on +233 30 261 1611 or send us a DM. Your feedback helps us address specific cases and ensures a more personalized response,” the notice stated.

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Earlier, the ECG had attributed the trend to bush fires causing damage to electricity poles and distribution lines. The company warned of potential legal action against those responsible for such fires and advised the public to take precautions during bush burning to prevent damage to properties.

However, skepticism abounds among some customers on social media, with accusations that the company is covering up for the government. One customer expressed frustration, stating, “ECG needs to be truthful to us as tax-paying citizens of this country. The lies and deceitfulness are too much!”

Others drew political comparisons, suggesting that if such power outages had occurred during a different government’s tenure, it would have been labeled as ‘dumsor.’

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Despite the company’s reassurances, customers continue to voice their dissatisfaction with the ongoing power supply issues on various platforms, describing instances of prolonged outages in specific areas.

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