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God Bless you can’t pay bills- Obaapa Christy


Gospel artist Obaapa Christy has asserted that gospel musicians cannot solely rely on well wishes like “God bless you” to sustain themselves financially. She emphasized the need for gospel musicians to receive payment for their services, whether performed in a church or elsewhere, considering the financial obligations they bear.

In response to the financial challenges faced by many people post-COVID-19, Obaapa Christy stressed the importance of gospel artists being compensated for their work. She highlighted that artists incur various expenses, including studio fees and payments for backup singers, which cannot be covered by goodwill alone.

Obaapa Christy, who celebrated 20 years in the gospel music industry with a concert last year, emphasized the changing economic landscape and the necessity for gospel musicians to be adequately compensated for their contributions.

“We pay bills and other expenses so yes, so we need to get paid for our services be it at a church or wherever. Studio fees, backup singers among others do not come free. We pay for them so how can we continue to fulfil our obligations if we offer our services for free?” she asked.

“We are in hard times and people are going through a lot. After COVID-19, a lot has changed and most people are not having it easy at all.”


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