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I have never dated a woman before- Kobi Rana



During an interview on Accra FM, which newsandvibes.com monitored, Kobi Rana, a versatile entertainer in the fields of acting, directing, and singing, confidently asserted that he has never been in a romantic relationship.

The host of the programme, Romeo, repeatedly questioned him about this, finding it unusual for someone of his age and stature to have never had a girlfriend.

Kobi Rana firmly responded, “No, please,” suggesting a level of suspicion and indicating that he might be targeted for sensational headlines.

Undeterred, Romeo persisted, asking if Kobi had ever dated a woman.

Once again, Kobi replied, “No, please.”

Romeo pointed out that no woman has been publicly acknowledged as the actor’s girlfriend.

With a laugh, Kobi dismissed the idea of introducing his girlfriend, stating, “I don’t owe it to anyone to introduce my girlfriend.”

Emphasizing the privacy of romantic affairs, Kobi argued that just like others keep their love lives private, he couldn’t be compelled to disclose details of his intimate relationships to the public.


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