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I haven’t Bleached, it’s snapchat filter – Becca


Ghanaian singer Becca has asserted that she remains unfazed by negative comments regarding her appearance and allegations of skin bleaching to achieve a lighter complexion.

In a recent interview monitored by newsandvibes.com, Becca expressed her readiness for such criticism, acknowledging that as a public figure, she expects such comments on her posts. She emphasized that once content is shared with the public, opinions will vary, and she had to accept that reality.

Addressing accusations of skin bleaching in a 2023 social media post, the ‘African Woman’ artist clarified that her appearance is not the result of cosmetic products but rather a Snapchat filter that she frequently uses and enjoys.

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Despite mentioning in her captions that she was using a filter, she highlighted the misconception that some people still had about her intentions. Becca stated that she would not change using her preferred filter because of others’ opinions.

The singer emphasized that she doesn’t read or bother about the opinions of people who don’t know her personally. Confident and comfortable in her skin, Becca noted her maturity and growth in the industry, asserting that criticism does not affect her feelings or self-esteem.

Becca revealed that she doesn’t read comments, recognizing that everyone has their opinions, and she cannot be bothered by every individual viewpoint. She expressed her indifference to criticism unless someone physically attacks her, emphasizing her maturity and growth in the industry.

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This statement from Becca comes after a recent video of her leaving the gym sparked renewed allegations of skin bleaching on social media. Users compared her current look to previous pictures, accusing her of altering her natural beauty to please her Nigerian husband. Becca has faced similar accusations in 2018, 2020, and earlier in 2023, vehemently denying them and expressing pride in her identity as an African woman.

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