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I will compose a song for Black Stars for $100,000 – Cwesi Oteng


Ghanaian Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng has made headlines by expressing his desire to compose a victory song for the national football team, the Black Stars.

In a video shared on instagram, Cwesi Oteng emphasized that his song would differ from the typical celebratory tunes, commonly known as “jama songs,” created by other artists for the Black Stars. He argued that these jama songs lack a spiritual essence or the spirit of a lion.

Cwesi Oteng aims to create a song that carries a spiritual condition and lion’s spirit, setting it apart as a unique anthem for the Black Stars. He envisions his composition becoming an integral part of the team’s culture, encouraging the players to listen to it regularly.

Expressing his commitment to the project, Cwesi Oteng revealed that he aspires to secure a four-year contract with the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

Furthermore, he disclosed that his fee for composing the song would be $100,000. The Gospel musician extended an invitation to Ghanaian authorities, urging them to contact him to initiate the collaboration.


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