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I won because I never gave up – Lyrical Joe


Ghanaian rapper Joseph Gamor, widely known as Lyrical Joe, attributes his current success to the unwavering resilience he cultivated during his early days in the industry.

During an interview on Y107.9FM’s Ryse N’ Shyne with host Brown Berry, Lyrical Joe emphasized his consistency and determination, revealing that he never entertained thoughts of giving up.

He metaphorically likened the beginning of his career to nurturing an unborn child, highlighting the critical decision to either nurture it into greatness or abort it. He expressed, “All this could stop at a point; especially when you feel like giving up, when you are doing something consistently; it’s like childbirth, bringing a full-blown human being into the world. You could just end the person with a pill or keep it and bring it out for greatness.”

Reflecting on his early passion for music, particularly rap, Lyrical Joe acknowledged that he recognized his calling at a young age and remained dedicated to mastering his craft. He stated, “Early as I started I realized my role as a rapper for Ghana, and as soon as I identified that, I started working on it a lot. I knew that I had to keep writing and polishing my gift.”

Lyrical Joe’s commitment to his artistry has played a pivotal role in his journey from an emerging talent to a respected figure in the Ghanaian music scene.

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