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I Won’t Tolerate Negativity – Chef Faila to social media critics


Failatu Abdul Razak, a well-known Ghanaian executive chef, has recently gained celebrity status following her cookathon attempt. However, along with the recognition, she has faced criticisms for certain statements made during her media tour. In response, Failatu has acknowledged her adjustment to the newfound celebrity lifestyle and appealed to critics for understanding.

Speaking on Asaase Radio, Failatu emphasized the importance of experience in navigating the challenges that come with celebrity status. She expressed her ordinary nature and urged others to bear with her as she learns to adapt to the public eye.

Acknowledging the presence of social media bullies, Failatu issued a cautionary message, emphasizing that she will not tolerate negativity and vilification. She called for a more understanding and supportive approach from the public, highlighting the need for positive engagement.



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