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I’m Dating Jesus, I Have No Plans Of Marrying – Lisa Quama


Lisa Quama, the renowned Ghanaian dancer and member of a popular dance crew, has clarified her relationship status, putting to rest speculation about her personal life.

Known for her distinctive style and often seen as a tomboy, Lisa has been subject to various rumors, especially regarding her orientation. However, in a candid interview, she addressed the ongoing speculation about her romantic life, stating firmly that she is not in any relationship.

Contrary to societal expectations, Lisa boldly shared that she is currently devoted to her faith and humorously added that she is dating Jesus Christ. When questioned about her stance on traditional relationships, she expressed a rather unconventional perspective, deeming them a waste of time.

According to Lisa, diving into a relationship at this point in her life would only lead to what she referred to as “fornication” and emphasized that she is not ready for such commitments. In her straightforward manner, she stated that she doesn’t have the time to waste on relationships that lack depth and purpose.

In the interview, Lisa went further to shed light on her decision not to pursue marriage. While she didn’t delve into specific details, her remarks suggested a deliberate choice to prioritize personal growth and her individual journey rather than conforming to societal expectations.



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