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Independent Candidate Unveils Bold Vision for Ghana’s Economic Growth


Rev Dr. Worlanyo Mensah, an Independent Presidential Candidate for the 2024 general election, has unveiled his ambitious plans for national development, emphasizing economic growth and fostering national discipline to achieve a diversified economy.

Addressing the public in Accra, Rev Dr. Mensah outlined his vision for an all-inclusive government that harnesses the expertise from various sectors, including industry, academia, and across the political spectrum, to propel Ghana towards prosperity.

Highlighting the economic challenges facing the nation, Rev Dr. Mensah pledged to create industrial and free zones in every district, abolish nuisance taxes, and support key sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

Key initiatives under his administration would include the establishment of cotton farms, expansion of the textile and garment industry, and support for local automobile manufacturing, among others. Additionally, he proposed reforms to the Free SHS program and a focus on technological advancement and digitization to drive development.

Rev Dr. Mensah stressed the importance of unity and inclusivity in building a united nation, emphasizing the need for collaboration across political and social divides to realize Ghana’s full potential.

While acknowledging the challenges ahead, Rev Dr. Mensah remained optimistic about Ghana’s future, calling for collective efforts to overcome obstacles and build a prosperous and resilient nation.

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