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Inter Milan Faces Serie A Investigation Over Alleged Incidents


Inter Milan finds itself under scrutiny by the Italian Serie A following two incidents during their recent match against Roma, which ended in a 4-2 victory for Inter.

The first incident involves an alleged phone call from suspended coach Simone Inzaghi during the match. Inzaghi was serving a suspension for accumulated yellow cards and was not allowed to be in direct contact with the team during the game.

Despite this, there were suggestions that Inzaghi communicated with the team via phone during halftime. Defender Alessandro Bastoni hinted at this communication, although Inzaghi’s assistant clarified that it was just a message delivery, denying any video call.

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Inter, who were trailing 2-1 at halftime, could face penalties if found guilty, including potential sanctions for Inzaghi and fines for the club.

Additionally, defender Francesco Acerbi faces investigation for allegedly making a gesture towards Roma supporters during his goal celebration. The gesture, reportedly a middle finger, was purportedly in response to insulting chants directed at Acerbi regarding his past battle with testicular cancer.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) Prosecutor’s office may suspend Acerbi for his gesture, although there could be leniency considering the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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