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Kelvyn Boy quits smoking and urges fans to quit too


Ghanaian afrobeats sensation, Kelvyn Boy, recently shared a transformative chapter of his life, emphasizing that he has successfully quit smoking.

In a post on X, Kelvyn Boy challenged stereotypes about smokers, particularly the misconception associating them with untidiness and disorderliness.

The artist, known for his musical prowess, debunked the common belief, stating that some of the wealthiest and cleanest individuals he knows are actually heavy smokers. He urged his followers to discard preconceived notions about smokers, emphasizing his own personal evolution.

Reflecting on his past, Kelvyn Boy disclosed that he used to be a smoker himself but has since made the decision to quit. He shared the message with his audience, encouraging them to reject drug use.

In his words, “MISCONCEPTION: smokers are dirty and rowdy…maybe then but I know some of the richest and cleanest of humans who are heavy smokers. Dead that thought today. Your favorite artiste smokes for crying out loud. But I’ve quit. Don’t do drugs, guys.”

Kelvyn Boy’s narrative now centers around personal growth, overcoming habits, and serving as an inspiration for those looking to make positive changes in their lives.

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