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KiDi snubbed me when I attempted to take a photo with him in US- TikToker


In a recent interview with ZionFelix, popular USA-based Ghanaian TikToker, Obaa Cee, shared her feelings about an incident with KiDi that left her hurt.

Obaa Cee discussed her disappointment after the Lynx Entertainment artiste reportedly snubbed her when she attempted to take a photo with him after an event in the USA.

Despite the disappointment, Obaa Cee emphasized that she has forgiven KiDi and acknowledged that she has learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

She mentioned that such incidents happen for people to learn and grow. While expressing her hurt, Obaa Cee stated that she cannot hold grudges and affirmed that she would be more careful in the future.

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Obaa Cee also mentioned her contribution to promoting the event in the United States before the incident occurred. When asked about the possibility of it affecting her interactions with other Ghanaian artistes visiting the USA for events, she responded that she would leave it to God.

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