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Killer Mike Arrested After Grammy Wins


Shortly after winning three Grammy Awards, rapper Killer Mike (Michael Santiago Render) was arrested at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 4. A viral video captured the rapper being led through the arena lobby in handcuffs, with shouts of “Free Mike!” in the background.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, an official informed Mike’s team that he might be released later that night from the arena. The reason for the arrest was described as a misdemeanor and reportedly unrelated to the Grammy event.

Reporter Chris Gardner provided updates, stating that the scene had calmed but Mike was still detained backstage. Harvey Mason Jr., involved in discussions with security and Mike’s team, was seen heading backstage.

Despite winning three Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album, earlier in the evening, the reason for Killer Mike’s arrest remained unclear at the time of publication. A member of Mike’s team declined to comment, and reports suggested that the situation was deemed a “big nothing” by an insider.

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