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LilWin Fires Back at Martha Ankomah Over Kumawood Comments


The ongoing feud between Kumawood actors Martha Ankomah and LilWin has escalated, with LilWin launching a scathing attack on Martha following recent comments made by her.

Martha, in previous interviews with Hitz FM in 2017 and Accra FM in 2023, expressed her dissatisfaction with the direction of recent Kumawood movie storylines, particularly their focus on witchcraft themes. She reminisced about the quality of past movies like “Kumasi Yonkuo” but lamented the shift towards witchcraft narratives.

However, LilWin seized the opportunity to retaliate against Martha after one of his actresses, Mimi, defected to Akabenezer’s camp. LilWin accused Martha of lacking humility and self-respect, questioning her status as a star and criticizing her endorsement deals with brands like GTP.

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He further challenged Martha’s assertion by citing examples of other actors like Van Vicker and Roselyn Ngissah, who he claimed still collaborate with Kumawood despite their stature in the industry. LilWin also pointed out the willingness of Nigerian actors to work with Kumawood, contrasting it with what he perceives as snobbery from Martha and others.

The verbal altercation between Martha Ankomah and LilWin underscores tensions within the Kumawood industry and highlights differing opinions on the direction of Ghanaian movie production.

“Martha, those who are richer than you are rather humble and respect themselves a lot. Do you honestly call yourself a star? Who knows you? What do you have?”

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“I don’t even know why GTP bypassed the likes of McBrown, Mercy Asiedu and co, and made Martha Ankomah their brand ambassador. The likes of Van Vicker, Roselyn Ngissah and co, do not do these things. They even work with us. They shoot Kumawood movies. I’m still amazed that you made such statements, were you drunk?”

“Patience Ozorkwor came to Kumasi to shoot a movie. Aki and Pawpaw, Mr. Ibu and the rest came down to shoot a movie here. But for people like you, who call yourselves refined actors; how many times do these Nigerians come to Ghana to shoot movies? They are the ones who rather send for you guys.”

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