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Mali Junta Terminates Peace Deal with Separatists


The military rulers of Mali have officially terminated the major peace deal with Tuareg separatist rebels in the northern region of the country, as announced by government spokesperson Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga.

The Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA), a coalition of Tuareg rebels, accused the government of abandoning the peace deal in July 2022. The 2015 Algiers Accord, considered essential for maintaining stability in the face of jihadist violence, aimed at integrating ex-rebels into the national army and providing autonomy for different regions.

The military junta, which seized control following coups in 2020 and 2021, blamed a “change in posture of certain signatory groups” and “acts of hostility” from Algeria, the main mediator of the peace deal. Tensions escalated between Mali and Algeria, with Mali accusing Algeria of interference and unfriendly acts. In December, Mali summoned the Algerian ambassador, alleging meetings with Tuareg separatists. Signs of the deal unraveling appeared in August when fighting broke out between Mali’s military and separatists.

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Mali’s political landscape has been tumultuous, marked by two coups since 2020, leading to military rule and strained relations with Western powers involved in counterinsurgency operations. The junta ordered the exit of UN peacekeeping troops and French forces, creating a power vacuum and contributing to an upsurge in violence as both the government and separatist groups sought to assert control.

Algeria expressed deep concern and regret over Mali’s decision to terminate the peace agreement, emphasizing the importance of such agreements for regional stability.

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