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Man divorces wife caught cheating on him in a dream


A Ghanaian man has stirred controversy after deciding to divorce his wife following a dream where he witnessed her engaging in an extramarital affair. The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, revealed his decision during a live radio program.

According to the man, the dream occurred while he was on a trip outside of town, leading him to suspect his wife of infidelity despite lacking concrete evidence. He admitted that he had never personally witnessed any suspicious behavior from his wife, but disclosed that she had been caught cheating twice before by someone else.

One instance involved their child overhearing a conversation suggesting an affair with their children’s teacher, further fueling his suspicions. Despite the lack of direct evidence, the man felt compelled to end their otherwise harmonious marriage.

Online reactions to the man’s decision have been mixed, with some questioning his mental state and others expressing disbelief at his actions. While some netizens suggested he seek psychiatric help, others criticized him for his perceived immaturity and lack of reasoning.

The incident has sparked debate on social media, with many weighing in on the complexities of trust, suspicion, and marital fidelity.

social media reactions

@maryobinim5023 said; “I think the man has definitely lost a few screws. He needs a psychiatrist.”

@mamavanee6247 said; “This man is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

@Awoshygiene said; “This man isn’t normal.”

@safiatuseidu9322 said; “The man is not mentally okay 😢,or he might be going through something.”

@ekuakunnor4676 said; “Please please there is something wrong with the man he need a psych seriously the woman is in danger”

@veraaddoyobo8482 said; “Kwasiabuo saaaa, imagine.”

@akuashuga3778 said; “He’s not even seeing his wrong doing..this man is old but immatured..twweeeaaa”


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