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Man laments over modern women’s attitude towards polygamy


Okwuluora, a Nigerian broadcaster, has expressed disappointment with the changing attitudes of modern women towards polygamous marriages, contrasting it with the past when multiple wives coexisted peacefully.

In a Facebook post, Okwuluora bemoaned the reluctance of today’s women to consider becoming second wives, citing the historical prevalence of such arrangements among our ancestors, who often had 3 to 10 wives.

The media practitioner criticized the current generation of women for what he perceived as “wickedness” and a lack of respect towards their husbands, contrasting it with the accommodating and respectful behavior exhibited by our mothers in polygamous setups.

He reminisced about a time when our mothers embraced polygamous marriages with traits of accommodation and goodness, expressing sadness at the apparent shift in societal norms.

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Okwuluora’s sentiments reflect a broader concern about changing societal attitudes towards polygamy and the erosion of traditional values regarding marriage and family dynamics.

“Our Fathers married 3 to 10 wives and all of them loved each other & also maximum respect for the husband! Ladies of today can’t even stand a second wife. Anya Ufu. Where una learn this wickedness from. Your Mothers were so good & accommodating. This is so SAD”.

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