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Man Testifies about Yul Edochie’s church experience


Nelson Nwamara, a Nigerian man, recently shared his profound spiritual experience after participating in the virtual ministration of popular actor Yul Edochie. Taking to his Facebook platform, Nwamara expressed the awe-inspiring moments he encountered during the service.

According to his testimony, he felt the divine anointing permeating the virtual space as he watched Yul Edochie deliver his ministration on his phone. The impact was so significant that Nwamara declared himself a bona fide member of True Salvation Ministry, the church associated with Yul Edochie.

In his Facebook post, Nwamara exclaimed, “Anointing is flying everywhere. Thank you, Pastor Yul. I am now a full member of True Salvation Ministry. Hallelujah somebody.”

When contacted for further insight into his experience, Nwamara shared his initial fascination and curiosity about Yul Edochie’s venture into ministry. He expressed his eagerness to contribute to the church, emphasizing his desire to be the first to pay tithe and offering once the actor opens a physical church.

This testimony sheds light on the transformative power of virtual ministrations, illustrating how individuals like Nwamara can feel a spiritual connection and anointing even through online platforms.

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