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Man Threatens Nollywood Actress Girlfriend With Arrest If She Leaves Her


The purported agreement, posted by Nkechi’s boyfriend on his Instagram page, claimed to carry the weight of law enforcement, warning of potential criminal consequences for anyone attempting to disrupt their union. The tongue-in-cheek caption, “Na DPO don join us o. Who am I to leave them in arrest?” hinted at the light-hearted nature of the endeavor.

However, Nkechi Blessing responded in her own style, asserting that she was not a signatory to the agreement and expressing her surprise at the unexpected turn of events. Not one to take things lightly, she called on a respectable lawyer on Instagram, playfully suggesting that legal action be taken against her partner for this unconventional approach to relationship security.

“I didn’t sign this. Abeg I need a better lawyer to write this man call XXSSIVE ASAP… Cus wetin be this. Eyin fans mi Egbami ke. So like this so if I leave na prison straight,” Nkechi amusingly shared in response.

The incident, though lighthearted, highlights the creativity and humor that can be injected into romantic relationships, even when addressing more serious matters. Nkechi Blessing’s admirer, in his own distinctive way, attempted to add a touch of playful legal flair to their love story, leaving fans amused and entertained by the unfolding drama. As the social media banter continues, followers eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this unique and amusing tale of love and jest.

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