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Managing Shatta Wale Requires Understanding – Manager


In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Sammy Flex, the current manager of popular Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale, has refuted claims that managing the artist is a difficult task. Despite the past differences between Shatta Wale and his former managers, Bulldog and Mr Logic, Sammy Flex believes that effective management relies on understanding the artist’s unique personality.

According to Sammy Flex, managing Shatta Wale is not a daunting challenge if one comprehends the artist’s perspective. He emphasized the importance of supporting Shatta Wale’s ideas and respecting his privacy, noting that mutual respect forms the foundation of a successful working relationship.

He expressed confidence in his ability to work with Shatta Wale, citing their existing understanding and the fact that he has known the artist for a considerable period. He highlighted the need to provide support for Shatta Wale’s dreams and offer suggestions when necessary.

When asked about the potential of a fallout between him and the Shatta Movement boss, Sammy expressed his hope and prayers that such a situation does not arise. He described himself as the type of person who can handle someone like Shatta Wale and pointed out that previous managers of Shatta Wale, despite having differences, managed to maintain a level of respect and avoid public disputes.

Sammy Flex attributed any past issues with Shatta Wale’s former managers, Bulldog and Mr Logic, to the strong personalities involved, noting that clashes are more likely when dealing with extroverted individuals like Shatta Wale, Bulldog, and Mr Logic.

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