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Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis Collaborate for New Album


The Messthetics, featuring former Fugazi members Joe Lally and Brendan Canty, along with guitarist Anthony Pirog, have teamed up with jazz saxophonist James Brandon Lewis for a new album set to be released on March 15 via Impulse! Records. The lead single, “Emergence,” is already available.

This collaboration follows their 2022 release, “Fear Not.” Lewis expressed his excitement about working with The Messthetics, stating, “The Messthetics are friends at this point, and collaborating with them over the years has now brought us to another high point of musical bonding and purely unapologetic energy!”

The upcoming album will feature tracks like “L’Orso,” “That Thang,” “Railroad Tracks Home,” and more, showcasing a blend of jazz and rock influences.

The Messthetics’ unique sound, combined with James Brandon Lewis’ saxophone prowess, promises an energetic and collaborative musical experience for fans.


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