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My Dad Made Me hate God – Spyro


Nigeria’s newest sensation, Spyro, has opened up about his complex relationship with religion in a recent podcast. The singer shared insights into his upbringing in the Mushin area of Lagos, shedding light on the challenges he faced growing up as the son of a pastor.

Spyro discussed the strict upbringing imposed by his father, a pastor, acknowledging the common expectations that come with being a pastor’s child. He revealed that the pressure was intense, leading to a growing resentment toward religion during his formative years.

“My father was quite strict, and he’s a pastor, so you know the way pastors are with their kids. They’re really strict because they have this,” Spyro explained.

He admitted that the religious pressure had a negative impact on him, expressing a genuine dislike for religion during his early life.

“The pressure is not good, I must say. But I didn’t even know God through my dad, even though I was right in front of the Bible. Every morning we’d wake up to the Bible; I was forced to do it, so I didn’t know who God was. In fact, my dad made me hate God, the personality of God,” he added.

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