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My father rejected me because I wore kaba and slit- Tiktoker Akonoba


In a recent episode of Kwaku Manu’s ‘Aggressive Interview’ show, Ghanaian TikTok sensation Akonoba revealed a challenging period in his life when his father disowned him for choosing a path that defied societal norms.

Akonoba, renowned for his lively and entertaining TikTok content, explained that his father’s disapproval stemmed from his unconventional video creations that challenged traditional perspectives. The situation reached its peak when he incorporated kaba and slit, attire typically associated with women in Ghana, into his videos.

The rejection from his father escalated to the point where Akonoba was asked to leave the family home, leaving him feeling abandoned. During this tough period, Akonoba shared that it was his mother who supported him and expressed concern for his well-being.

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In the current context, Akonoba has emerged as one of Ghana’s most sought-after TikTokers, achieving considerable success in the digital sphere. Interestingly, he revealed that his father has experienced a change of heart and now not only accepts but proudly boasts about his son’s accomplishments.

Akonoba stated, “He calls me just to speak, especially when he’s around people, so they know I’m his son.”

This shift in his father’s perspective signifies the transformative impact of Akonoba’s success on familial relationships.

Watch the video below:

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