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Nigerian Producer Pheelz Admits to Deleting Songs of Artistes


Nigerian producer, Pheelz, has made a startling confession, admitting to deleting songs from artists if he deems them unworthy. This revelation has stirred controversy, with many linking it to Temmie Ovwasa’s accusations against him, Olamide, and his wife.

Ovwasa, the former YBNL princess, previously accused Pheelz, Olamide, and his wife of bullying her and unfairly deleting many of her songs. Pheelz, who was her producer at the time, initially denied the allegations, claiming nothing of that nature occurred. However, a recent accidental revelation by Pheelz contradicts his previous stance.

In response to the confession, social media users expressed their dismay. Some criticized Pheelz for his actions, suggesting they were unethical and disrespectful to the artists. Others highlighted the importance of honesty and transparency in business dealings, emphasizing the value of maintaining a good reputation.

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The controversy surrounding Pheelz’s admission has reignited discussions about artist-producer dynamics and the responsibility of producers in handling artists’ work.

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