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Phyna Expresses Reluctance to Date Single Dads


Phyna, the controversial winner of Big Brother Naija’s ‘Level Up,’ has revealed that she would not consider dating men who are single fathers.

The reality TV personality, also known as the “hype priestess,” expressed her concerns about the challenges associated with baby mamas and the potential drama that may arise in such situations.

During an episode of her podcast, Spill With Phyna, she mentioned her reluctance to date a man with children and cited instances where the child’s mother created drama and complications for the family.

Phyna clarified that she might reconsider if the baby’s mom or ex-wife is already married.

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She highlighted the stress and chaos she observed in situations where men have children from previous relationships, emphasizing that the drama with baby mamas could be more challenging than when women have children.

Phyna’s comments have stirred reactions and discussions about dating preferences and challenges associated with blended families.

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