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Police break into royal stool room, detain family members


Tension is escalating in the New Juaben traditional area following an incident where a group, reportedly led by the New Juaben divisional police commander, forcibly entered the stool room of the Adwampong royal family in Koforidua.

The confrontation unfolded when the queen mother of the Adwampong royal family resisted the unauthorized removal of the black stool, a crucial component for the upcoming enstoolment ceremony of a new Chief scheduled for Thursday, February 1, at the Yiadom Hwedie Palace, presided over by Daasebere Kwaku Boateng III.

Nana Akosua Afrakoma, who has held charge of the stool for the past 29 years, resisted, stating that the Chief to be enstooled on Thursday evening is not known and has not been nominated by her.

A group, under the supervision of the Koforidua District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Emmanuel Baah, and heavily armed men from the Counter Terrorism Unit, forcibly entered the stool room and changed the locks despite the queen mother’s resistance.

Expressing dismay at the conduct of the district police, Nana Afrakoma II called on the Regional Security Council and the National Security Minister to intervene and prevent potential bloodshed. She emphasized her unlawful destoolment and disassociation from the ongoing enstoolment process.

In a surprising turn of events, the son and daughter of the queen mother, invited by Chief Superintendent Emmanuel Baah to make a formal complaint, have instead been detained upon reaching the Koforidua Central police station.

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