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Prophet Beaten For Attempting an Affair with married woman


A self-proclaimed prophet, Kwesi Nsonyameye Yaka, popularly known as Spiritual IGP, narrowly escaped a lynching attempt by furious residents in Awutu Bereku, Central Region. The prophet was accused of attempting to engage in an illicit affair with a married woman under the guise of providing spiritual cleansing.

Reports indicate that Prophet Yaka, founder and leader of Graceland Chapel International, convinced the married woman that her marital issues were due to spiritual afflictions. He allegedly claimed that a spiritual cleansing, which involved them sleeping together, was the solution to exorcise the tormenting principalities.

Upon learning of the prophet’s intentions, the woman informed her family, who then laid an ambush and caught the religious leader in the act at her matrimonial home. Enraged residents stripped the prophet naked and subjected him to severe beatings, with some expressing their intent to lynch him.

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The intervention of a few good-hearted individuals prevented a more dire outcome for Spiritual IGP. Notably, this is not the first time the prophet has faced accusations of sexual misconduct; he was reportedly arrested a year prior for alleged defilement of a minor, claiming it was part of a spiritual cleansing.


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