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Push Cash On Football to Music – Lyrical Joe


In a recent interview, award-winning rapper Lyrical Joe, born Joseph Gamor, voiced his opinion on the potential global impact of Ghanaian musicians if they received the same financial backing as football.

According to the artist, investing equivalent resources in music could lead to international recognition, including the prestigious Grammy Awards.

Lyrical Joe highlighted the disappointment and emotional impact felt by Ghanaians when the national football team, the Black Stars, faces defeat. He attributed this strong emotional response to the substantial financial support provided by the government to football activities.

“The amount that is spent by the government on football to sponsor all these things, the same amount is not spent by the government on music,” he disclosed during the interview. While acknowledging that musicians might invest in their craft, Lyrical Joe emphasized the significant role that government support could play in elevating the music industry.

He concluded by noting that the substantial investments in football contribute to the heightened emotions and national impact when there’s a loss in a football competition, emphasizing that the funds involved are not trivial.

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