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Rotational nurses to be paid soon


The Ministry of Health has initiated discussions with the Ministry of Finance to address the ongoing dispute regarding allowances owed to members of the Rotational Nurses and Midwifery Association (RNMA).

In response to the RNMA’s ultimatum demanding the immediate release of financial clearance for their pending allowances, the Ministry of Health has expressed commitment to finding a resolution.

RNMA leadership has voiced frustration over the delay, citing its detrimental impact on the financial stability of nurses and midwives, as well as the broader healthcare system in Ghana. They have warned of a potential strike if their demands are not met within two weeks.

Isaac Baah Offei, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Health, confirmed ongoing efforts to secure the necessary funds for payment.

“We are engaging the Ministry of Finance to secure the release of funds required for the payment of rotational nurses. The process involves obtaining financial clearance from the Ministry of Finance, which is essential for the disbursement of allowances,” Offei explained.

While no specific timeline has been provided for the negotiations, Offei expressed optimism that a resolution would be reached soon.

“We are hopeful that through ongoing negotiations and discussions, we will be able to address the concerns of the rotational nurses and release the funds in a timely manner,” Offei added.

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