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Saikope-Mepe Metal Bridge Collapse


In the midst of dealing with the aftermath of flooding caused by the Akosombo and Kpong dams spillage, the town of Mepe faces another setback. The steel bridge at Saikope in the Mepe area, crucial for connecting the North Tongu town of Juapong to the Central Tongu capital town, Adidome, has collapsed.

The incident took place when a fully loaded trailer carrying salt attempted to cross the bridge. Fortunately, there have been no reported fatalities resulting from the collapse.

District Chief Executive Osborn Devine Fenu swiftly responded by issuing a public advisory via his personal Facebook Page. He urged motorists to take an alternate route through another Mepe town, Dadome, to access Adidome and Juapong safely.

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While investigations into the actual cause of the collapse are yet to commence, the DCE has suggested that the load of the truck may be the cause. He mentioned in his Facebook post, “The report has it that a fully loaded trailer carrying salt, likely surpassing the recommended maximum load of 25 tonnes, traversed the bridge, resulting in its collapse. Fortunately, the driver and the mate are reported to be safe.”

However, it’s essential to note that long before the collapse of the bridge, authorities had stationed a warning sign, signaling road users of a “weak bridge ahead.” There is also a sign indicating that the maximum load limit of the bridge is 25 tons.

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Until investigations conclude, determining whether the collapse resulted from a weak bridge, excess tonnage, or both remains uncertain. The incident adds another layer of challenge for Mepe, already grappling with the consequences of natural disasters.

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