Serwaa Amihere sleeps with married politicians, I have pictures and videos – Bongo Ideas


Albert Nat Hyde, also known as Bongo Ideas, has once again directed criticism towards Serwaa Amihere, alleging her involvement with married politicians during a recent appearance on Onua TV, as monitored by News & Vibes.

Bongo Ideas claimed to possess images and videos allegedly captured in hotels featuring Serwaa Amihere alongside her politician associates.

Bongo Ideas disclosed his occasional visits to hotels to gather information about Serwaa Amihere and her alleged companions.

According to him, he visits hotels to get information about celebrities from receptionists.

Emphasizing his possession of undisclosed information about Serwaa, Bongo Ideas hinted at a trove of unsavory details hidden in his archives.

This latest accusation adds to a series of allegations by Bongo Ideas suggesting Serwaa’s involvement with affluent individuals to fund her luxurious lifestyle.

Bongo Ideas’ assertions come in response to a widely circulated video allegedly featuring Henry Fitz and a woman resembling Serwaa Amihere.

The man is supposedly married and both had met at the man wedding and subsequently started dating.

According to Serwaa Amihere, the relationship is over but the man has been blackmailing her for money and since she refused to send him more money, he decided to release the video.

Henry has since responded to the allegation claiming that he has never blackmail her and has also never demanded money from her.

Henry claimed to have spent GHC2500 on Serwaa Amihere daily while dating and even spent on her butt enlargement.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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