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Shatta Wale praises Manager Sammy Flex


In an interview with Nana Kwame Gyan on Onua Showbiz monitored by newsandvibes.com, renowned Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale showered praises on his manager, Sammy Flex, hailing him as the best manager he has had in his career.

The Shatta Movement boss commended Sammy Flex for his deep understanding of him, contrasting him favorably with his previous managers.

Describing Sammy Flex as the “Moses for Shatta Movement,” Shatta Wale lauded his manager’s attentive approach, stating, “What Sammy Flex is doing is just listening and I love that.” He emphasized Flex’s patience and willingness to understand his needs, highlighting the stark contrast to past experiences where managers failed to grasp his preferences.

Recalling a gesture of dedication, Shatta Wale mentioned how Sammy Flex would join him for morning jogs even during their travels to London for a project, underscoring the manager’s commitment to their partnership.

Shatta Wale also appreciated Flex’s supportive and non-dictatorial demeanor, stating, “A manager that comes into your life and likes to dictate to you an established artiste—that is where I have a problem with most people…I like people who want to follow.”


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