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Thief Chooses to Eat Raw Stolen Hen Over Beatings


In a peculiar incident, a suspected thief faced an extraordinary form of punishment when apprehended by a merciless group of vigilantes.

The unfolding drama took place in Zimbabwe as the alleged thief, caught in the act, attributed his actions to the fear of the so-called “January disease” – a term colloquially used to describe financial strain experienced at the start of the year after excessive spending during the festive season.

Despite the thief’s pleas for leniency based on his desperate situation, the captors showed little sympathy. They presented him with a bizarre ultimatum: either consume a raw chicken on the spot or endure a severe beating.

Caught between the harsh choices, the thief reluctantly opted for the former, subjecting himself to a surreal spectacle that unfolded before a curious crowd of onlookers. The entire ordeal was captured by spectators on their mobile phones.

An eyewitness and resident of the Pumula suburb described the distressing scene, noting, “With blood dripping from the corner of his lips, he would occasionally cough out a feather or two as he screwed up his face like someone swallowing the bitterest gall.”

The resident added that the beatings, perhaps to deter the thief from stopping the unusual meal, seemed to be even more agonizing.


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