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TikToker narrates how he passed his British Citizenship test


In a recent TikTok sensation, @kyofficialworld has become a focal point after effortlessly acing the British Citizenship test on his first attempt, answering all 24 questions in just 2 minutes.

The video chronicling @kyofficialworld’s feat quickly went viral, drawing attention to his insights on the unexpectedly smooth exam experience.

Known for evaluating applicants on British history, culture, and values, the British Citizenship test demands a minimum of 18 correct answers out of the total 24 for a passing grade.

The TikTok user disclosed undergoing a stringent security check before entering the test center but managed to navigate the questions with ease, attributing his success to online study and a preparatory book.

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@kyofficialworld admitted encountering many familiar questions from his study materials, deeming them not too challenging. While confident about passing, the TikTok user awaited official confirmation to solidify his British citizenship.

In a subsequent update, @kyofficialworld joyfully announced receiving an email affirming his successful test completion, officially granting him British citizenship.

Netizens Reactions…

Sherine reacted; “I pass mines first attempt wasn’t hard as what I heard people say.”

Chicken Nugget said; “I passed mine within 5 minutes day after tomorrow citizenship ceremony, good luck.”

Marta said; “I have citizenship ceremony on Thursday on my birthday double celebration.”

NyaRi said; “Well done I want to do mine this year too.”

Cee.J said; “Government based exams in the UK are so hard, I didn’t even have to stucy for my drivers license back in Canada but here??I had to read books on books passed tho.”

Eddie_ nanaama_priceless said; “I do like 3time no pass.. now am fed upthe last test even pain me I got 17 only one to pass.”

Miss Taken said; “Use to watch you back in 2020 when I was trying to join the RM. Was there when you bought your first car, and now this. Congratulations, man!”

Mina said; “It took me 6 times to get it.”


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